Range Features

If you’re looking for action packed fun and exciting activities in Park City, you’ve come to the right place! We offer three separate live-fire shooting ranges as well as a laser-only simulation range for your enjoyment.

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Visit us at 4285 North Forestdale Drive, Park City, Utah

Main Range

Eight 25-yard shooting lanes

Our main static range features eight 25-yard shooting lanes, each with its own spacious glass shooting booth (up to 4 shooters can share a lane). You can operate the advanced MANCOM 360 turning targets using an easy-to-use touch screen panel; targets can also be operated from our control room. Individual target lighting and communication enhance your experience. State of the art sound dampening, air purge and filtration keep you safe and comfortable. All lanes are rifle rated for handguns, shotguns, and rifles of any caliber up to .50 BMG.

Tactical Range

Four 25-yard shooting lanes

Our tactical range features four 25-yard shooting lanes, each with the same amenities as our main range. This is a full TACTICAL range, meaning that during advanced classes and events, shooters can move and fire anywhere in the range. This range also features MANCOM’s Dual Running Man system:  targets which move laterally at the back of the range which are great for special events and training.

Live Fire Simulator

Interactive, digital experience

Using your own gun (or a rental from us), immerse yourself in an interactive experience where realistic video or computer-simulated targets will challenge you like you’ve never been challenged before! Train with realistic judgement scenarios, or compete against your friends (range accommodates up to four shooters at a time) in a simulated fast draw competition or in one of our many marksmanship challenges, and the computer will instantly score the event and identify the winner.

Laser Simulator

Laser only, no live ammo

Park City Gun Club offers both a dedicated classroom for simulation training with laser only guns (no live ammunition), and a dedicated live fire range with simulated and video targets. With the latest technology developed by LaserShot, you can go way beyond just shooting at paper targets!  The Laser Sim is completely safe and quiet, making it a great choice for lessons or for our youngest customers.